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"A Village of Matters for a Village that Matters."

Mick Nation is a space where everyone comes to see what's moving with us and share what's grooving with them.  Our journey is to continue providing a village experience through fun, liberty, exposure, support, and awareness on matters that involve and impact us collectively.
"What is a rainbow without every color." - Mick Thomas

Art Unfolded

Art Unfolded is where artistry is expressed, supported, and welcomed.

While you're here, relax, grab a drink, and scroll through to learn more about some

of the cool stops on MickNation's journey. 

 "The Artist creates the material that we look back upon as part of history." - Roy DeCarava

Quote of the Week
Cita de la Semana

​The voice behind the brand. 

The brand Mick Nation was birthed and branded in 2022 by owner, and native Washingtonian Marcus Thomas Hickman (Mick).

"I pay homage to those who came before me, planted seeds, and watered them with tears that we may grow from  their sacrifices and build villages that will birth nations of hope, kindness, liberty, and respect for all." Mick 

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