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Bryleigh M. Grant

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Art Unfolded Artist of the Month

June's artist of the month is nine (9) year old, third grade (honor roll) student, Bryleigh M. Grant. 

Bryleigh loves Science & Technology and enjoys sharing (what she describes as) her telepathic superpower insight with her mom (Sherrie), dad (Samora), brother (Jr.), and peers.  She also shares love for music (favorite rapper, Burna Boy), reading (favorite author, Raina Telgemeier), art, cooking, playing video games, and most of all spending time with her family and friends.


One of Bryleigh's goals is to one day start her own online blog to grow awareness around Science & Technology.

Bryleigh (whose name means Gracious and Strong), village easily describes her as brave, honest, intelligent, kind, selfless, loving, and extremely generous.

A Message From Mom

"When I found out I was having a little girl I was so ecstatic and knew I had to find a strong name  for my little girl. The name Bryleigh literally found me and when I looked up the meaning it was perfect, she's Our Superstar."

Bryleigh, the MickNation village is so proud of you and we honor your tenacity and will continue to support your future endeavors. - Mick

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